以学校为基础的工作 is an important part of the 十大靠谱网投平台 PGCE and you will be working with 2 schools during the course.

Primary programme


在2017年十大靠谱网投平台最近的Ofsted检查中被评为“优秀”, our primary PGCE programme offers you the unique opportunity to choose a subject specialist pathway, 准备让你成为课程协调员.

所有儿童都应该有机会接触, 参与并参与学习, 并拥有最好的教育经历. 十大靠谱网投平台知道,好老师是这个问题的核心. 考虑到这一点,十大靠谱网投平台的目标是发展 批判性反思 teachers - able to challenge existing assumptions (including their own) in order to adapt and develop their practice to meet the changing needs of their pupils. 十大靠谱网投平台的课程旨在使学员能够 理解和质疑教与学的原则 在实践的基础上,他们可以做什么 在他们自己的实践中做出明智的选择. 十大靠谱网投平台的目标是培养学员对…的信心 与研究 通过帮助他们理解和解释研究结果, 同时也通过对小规模研究的直接经验. 通过这一点,十大靠谱网投平台培养未来的教师 agency; 他们适应能力强,见多识广,对学生的学习充满热情. The Primary PGCE programme is designed to enable trainees to develop their pedagogical subject knowledge across the primary curriculum as well as developing their understanding of wider issues in education. The opportunity to specialise via different pathways allows trainees to develop their leadership potential by exploring such areas as curriculum design or a curriculum subject in more depth. 具备这些素质和技能的, our trainees will join a wide community of teachers making a positive contribution to schools and a difference to children’s lives.

Our outstanding PGCE programme offers you the opportunity to train to be a generalist primary teacher with an added specialist pathway. 十大靠谱网投平台36-week计划, 其中包括在学校的重要时间, 是用来装备你的知识的吗, 成为一名成功的小学教师所需要的技能和理解.

Modules are designed to give you experience of all the curriculum subjects you will be expected to teach for your specified age range, 同时也为你们提供了探索教育领域更广泛问题的机会. 十大靠谱网投平台所有的初级PGCE导师都是该领域的专家, 热情的老师,对教学充满热情.

Subject pathways are unique to the 十大靠谱网投平台 Primary PGCE programme and prepare you to become, for example, 课程协调员. Applicants who meet the entry requirements for our subject pathways will normally be expected to follow that pathway:

对于学术背景与十大靠谱网投平台的学科路径不匹配的申请人, we have the 教学和学习 培养学员成为课程创新领导者的途径.

The programme, over three terms, includes time spent both at the University and in school placements. 大学模块的设计是为了让你体验所有国家课程科目, 以及跨课程学习和更广泛的教育关注. 教学内容包括有时间表的研讨会、讲座和自主学习. 你可以单独工作,也可以作为小团队和大团队的一部分. 大学讲师、老师和你的同龄人都会为你的学习做出贡献. 每学期都会提供十大靠谱网投平台的校本工作培训:

学校初步经验 2 weeks
大学教授课程 10 weeks
学校安排1:秋季经历 2 weeks
学校安置1:春季体验 11 weeks
学校实习2:暑期经历 11 weeks


1. 课程研究

为英语核心学科的教学做了大量的准备工作, Mathematics, and Science through taught sessions combined with self-directed activities based both in the University and carried out in school. 写作教学尤其受到重视, 阅读和数学以反映政府当前的教育重点. 这个模块也涵盖了艺术的主题, Computing, 设计技术, Geography, History, Modern Languages, Music, 体育课, 和宗教教育, 哪些课程都是短期的实践课程. These courses cater for trainees whose previous experiences may vary widely and aim to give a substantial introduction to the teaching of these subjects.

2. 教育及专业研究

The module content is designed to enable critical reflection on children’s learning and development, pedagogy, diversity, 以及教师在多专业背景下的角色和责任. 十大靠谱网投平台已经接触了政府的相关报告, policies and academic research in order to develop appraisal of contemporary social trends, 以及理论和实践中的问题. 该模块的内容与程序中的其他模块相互依赖, 并将在学校经验设置的专业学习元素中发展, where you will consider the practical implementation of educational principles and policies.

3. 学校的经历

大学与合作学校有着良好的合作关系, 学员的学校经历将以哪里为基地. School-based tutors and mentors are responsible for trainees’ learning and development and receive well-designed training. 受训者最初将与儿童群体一起工作, before taking on more responsibility for planning and independently teaching the whole class. There will be two main placement schools assigned and these will offer contrasting environments.

4. 通路模块(专科或多面手)

初级学员将接受艺术专业指定科目的培训, English, Humanities, Mathematics, Modern Languages, and Science. The specialism builds on your subject knowledge strengths (from your degree or A levels) and aims to prepare you for an eventual role as subject leader or coordinator. Alternatively, 十大靠谱网投平台也有多面手的途径, “小学教与学”, 这将发展你的知识, understanding and skills in research-inspired primary teaching and learning across the whole 5-11 curriculum.

Note: the DfE entry requirement to pass professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy has been removed for 2020/21 entry onwards. Instead, PGCE trainees will be benchmarked during their training against a Government-defined set of fundamental mathematics and English skills. This will be embedded into the training year and will not involve any specific testing at interview. Trainees will be given tools to help identify areas for development and improve their skills where needed.  The PGCE course will include activities to enable trainees to demonstrate they have the requisite skills by the end of the course.